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Genetically modified organisms play a much bigger role in a consumer’s daily life than you may care to realize.

Genetically modified material is an unnatural combination of genes from plants, animals, bacteria and viruses. Generally, GMOs are used to change the DNA of a crop to enhance the growing process. A couple of the most common genetically modified crops are corn and soy. As a result, most packaged foods shelved in grocery stores contain GMOs.

GMOs have already been linked to premature death, liver and kidney damage, organ failure, allergic reactions and many more health issues. Gene disruption can create other, unpredictable health problems, as well. Unfortunately, several millions of Americans buy unlabeled food products each day, without knowing about the ingredients in those products.

Because GMOs present such a serious threat to society, it only makes sense that the foods containing them should be labeled. Every consumer has a right to know the contents of the food they’re buying. Requiring labels to be placed on GMO products will allow consumers to make an informed decision about what they want to buy.

As a consumer, you have a say in buying organic food that you know is non-GMO.

Angela Gauerke, La Crosse