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Plato said, “The price of apathy in public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.”

This is not intended as a slight against any elected public officials; instead, it is a plea to get citizens more active in the political process and vote in the upcoming elections.

The entire voting process only takes a few minutes, but the effects of an election last much longer.

Make your voice heard at the polls instead of regretting the results. There is always a low voter turnout for local elections, and they are often decided by a narrow margin, so every vote has influence.

There are three more elections in the city of La Crosse in 2018, for state and local positions. These officials have a direct impact on your daily lives. The local tax rate, regulations, ordinances and approval of contracts are all determined by state and local representatives.

For any voting information in Wisconsin, visit This website contains upcoming election dates, registration information, your polling place, and a sample ballot so you can inform yourself on the candidates. You can register to vote on election day at your polling place, but save some time by registering in advance.

A representative democracy works best when there is full voter participation. Ensure that the elected officials represent the will of the people by casting a ballot on election day.

Ben Ames, La Crosse