The so-called road diet is little more than a high-visibility, feel-good vote-getting scheme that reduces traffic flow and doesn’t make anyone safer.

Road diets make no practical sense. The only ones in support of reducing traffic lanes for some mythical increase in bicycle use are not-for-profit bicycling advocates, and their pet politicians. This is an ill-conceived and poorly planned proposal.

Road diets are a bad idea and are being implemented without much public input. This is a prime example of bad planning and ineffective city management.

The problem is with the city’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee, Mayor Tim Kabat and their pet project to get cars off the road. It's certain to take a long time to get this vanity project properly corrected, and at what cost to the citizens?

Councilwoman Andrea Richmond claimed Monday night that she didn’t know about the bike lanes in the project until just recently. While the Bicycle & Pedestrian Committee Master Plan that she voted in favor of in 2012 specifically says on page 18 “Clinton St. – Road Diet and Bike Lanes.”

Common sense will tell you that squeezing the thousands of vehicles per day from four travel lanes into two will cause a substantial increase in congestion and motorist frustration.

The City Council needs to take a deep breath and step back from its rush to implement these Road Diets. Councilwoman Richmond needs to be held accountable. Call her and let her know she must stop this project.

Bob Swan, La Crosse