Next time you hear or read the word “taxes,” replace it in your mind with the word “investments” and consider the effect.

Republicans have been bragging a lot lately about how they’re cutting investments, how they’re going to invest less in our schools and our roads and our children’s futures.

Paying taxes is like paying your dues to belong to a club you golf and swim and exercise at every day.

Imagine if those managing that club bragged that it was cutting your dues, then imagine what would happen to the golf course, the pool and all the exercise equipment when the club could no longer afford the upkeep.

Imagine if those same managers then responded to these problems with promises to reduce your dues even more if you’d only vote for them to keep their jobs. Would you perhaps reconsider the value of paying your dues and vote for some new club managers? 

Now try replacing the word “regulations” with the word “protections” and marvel at how Republicans are bragging about eliminating all the laws protecting workers, investors, consumers, our environment and our economy. Because that’s what they're really doing.

Reducing the amount we invest in our future and eliminating the laws that protect our people and our planet are not things to brag about, but the GOP has long referred to taxes and regulations as “burdens” we need to be relieved of in order to justify rewriting our laws to benefit their wealthy donors.

Let’s not get fooled again.

Bradley Butterfield, La Crosse