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One sure way to get more guns into schools is to arm teachers. Will this make our schools safer? I think not.

Concealed weapons may not be detected among groups of strangers; teachers who face the same groups of observant students every day are going to have more difficulty hiding a gun. Those teachers might become targets and risk being harmed by disgruntled students who want the power gained by brandishing a gun.

Bear in mind that the massacres at Columbine, Sandy Hook and Douglas were perpetrated by individuals who knew the school they were attacking. They were aware of the strengths and gaps in school security. Had staff carried or stockpiled guns in these schools, undoubtedly some students would discern which staff and locations were involved, and the social media grapevine would share that information.

Surely we can find better solutions to the problem of school shootings than to bring more guns into schools. The funds required to purchase weapons, train staff and compensate employees for the added danger associated with carrying guns should be used for programs and services that identify and help troubled students.

Carol Klitzke, La Crosse