It appears the north-south corridor has suffered a very significant setback, but the leader of the La Crosse Area Chamber of Commerce, Vicki Markussen, is consoling supporters that the project is still "enumerated," keeping it alive.

However, the enumeration process itself ignored all the local opposition. This was confirmed to me a long time ago by then-Sen. Joe Wineke who was serving on the Joint Finance Committee at the time the project was approved in Madison.

It is time for La Crosse's representatives in Madison, Sen, Jennifer Shilling and Rep. Jill Billings, to get this project de-enumerated and put an end to it.

Both have thus far been silent on the corridor. It was the big reason I ran for the Senate last year against Shilling, who during the campaign, ignored my request during two of our debates to state her position on the corridor.

I would hope that the people La Crosse would make it clear to Shilling and Billings that NOW is the time to de-enumerate the corridor. I urge the leaders of the anti-corridor groups and their constituencies to use their influence with Shilling and Billings to get the corridor de-enumerated.

Chip DeNure, La Crosse