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The mainstream media is a sophisticated propaganda system providing necessary illusions to advance the elite agenda:

1) Promote the global warming hoax to secure a carbon tax.

2) Encourage an open border with Mexico to diminish national cohesion by flooding the country with immigrants whose loyalty is not the United States.

3) Destroy the 2nd Amendment by disarming the people with gun-control laws. Regarding that last item, a false flag event was staged at a high school in Florida to spur the process.

A false flag? Yes, if you connect the dots. The FBI learns that Nikolas Cruz desires to be a school shooter, and does nothing. Two students report multiple gunmen. A teacher reports a shooter in full military garb. Cruz would not have had the time to change into it upon his arrival at the school. Sheriff's deputies are reported to have stood down. A student, David Hogg, tapes an anti-NRA video either hours before the shooting or during the shooting. The mainstream media then unites in blaming the NRA, not the FBI, and does not report the two credible students reporting multiple gunmen. This was a false flag.

Why do the elite want to disarm the American people? I believe it's because they know there's an economic collapse coming that will make the Great Depression look like a picnic. And they want control when that happens.

Chip DeNure, La Crosse