For the past four or five years, I have been subjected on the Tribune's Opinion page to the epistles of those who believe humans have the ability to change the climate.

This movement has become a new religion, based on faith in "scientists" who have manipulated or omitted data that didn't support their theory. There is no evidence. Just opinion.

"Science" has been corrupted to the point it is no longer science, just politics disguised as science in order to obtain a carbon tax, which, I believe, would inevitably lead to more government in the form of "green agents" who would demand entrance into your home to monitor your carbon footprint, and demand changes that would cost you money. And all for a theory unsupported by any evidence.

The epistles of these new religionists, featured so prominently on the Tribune's Opinion page, tee off on fossil fuels. They demonize these fossil fuels despite the fact they provide our heat, provide our transportation, and make our lives comfortable through the wonder of coal-generated electricity. These religionists talk of alternatives to fossil fuels as feasible. What a lie. There are no alternatives.

Those tried in Obama's reign were failures at the taxpayers' expense. As I write this, we're in the middle of a bitterly cold weather span. Our lives and our comfort depend on the fossil fuels that are so denigrated by the religionists in the human-caused global warming church. They offer no solutions, just faith in an unproven theory.

Chip DeNure, La Crosse