The La Crosse City Council has approved a plan to deal with pigeons downtown that really concerns me.

I understand there is a problem that needs to be tackled, but I don’t think the plan to use lethal methods (poison, shooting) will be safe or effective. It seems like it will cost more in the end because culling the pigeon population will be a never-ending cycle.

Why not look at ways to solve the problem that other cities have used successfully? It is easy to get information about this on the internet. Cities have put up spikes to prevent roosting at certain sites, for instance. That would be a one-time investment. Also, netting has been used to prevent pigeons from getting inside structures.

Let’s not be a city that uses inhumane and ineffective methods on these creatures. I hope the City Council will reconsider approval of this plan. I plan to contact my council person.

Constance Wilson, La Crosse