In recent weeks, the La Crosse Tribune has highlighted stories on the prevalence of suicide in La Crosse County and the state of Wisconsin, an epidemic that doesn’t receive enough attention.

Not surprisingly, firearms are the primary method of the majority of suicides. Almost every day, just in Wisconsin, someone kills himself or herself with a gun.

Our 29-year-old son ended his life this past spring after a lengthy battle with anxiety and depression. If he had access to a firearm, we expect his life would have ended years earlier. It was difficult to see him struggling more and more as his condition worsened. Despite this, we’re grateful for the time we had, and recovery was a legitimate hope until the end.

If you suffer with depression, or care about someone who does, please get the guns out of the house. Be creative. Have a friend hold them or come up with other options.

Encouraging this one way to reduce the risk of premature death is worth the effort and woefully ignored.

Dan Reckase and Mary Mundt Reckase, La Crosse