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The tragedy of the 17 people who were killed in Florida by a deranged young man has caused many to attempt to solve the problem in various ways. I find it interesting that the same concern is not expressed by the same people who think nothing of killing hundreds of thousands by abortions.

Cheers to the environmentalists and the conservationalists who for years have understood that destroying fertilized eggs is the same as destroying life. People have been jailed for this disrespect for life. I also find it curious that the only major country to recognize that human life begins at conception is Germany. Wow, what a turnaround in less than 100 years, so maybe there is hope for us as well.

Recognizing there is human life at conception is part of the solution to stopping slaughter in our schools, as all life is a gift of God and must be recognized.

Removing all religious forms from public schools is part of the reason private schools are growing. Regardless of party affiliation, please do not vote for anyone who does not put human life at a high value. Your children in school depend on it.

David Drewes, La Crosse

David Drewes of La Crosse wrote this letter, which also was signed by Sandra Roellich of Onalaska, Maggie Fincham of Trempealeau and Chris Muller of Onalaska.