Our president and North Korea’s leader are calling each other names and acting like a couple of sixth grade bullies.

Using the phrase s---hole about countries such as Haiti is hateful, vile and racist.

Then he won’t go to London to dedicate our new U.S embassy there because it's Obama’s fault. Actually, President Bush decided in 2008 the old embassy needed to be replaced

There have been more than 2,000 tweets in President Donald Trump's first year in office insulting people and countries. Our president has suggested we would like people from Norway to move to America. Why would they want to come to America? They have health care for all and free college for everyone in Norway. I wish our president would engage his brain before he’s engaging his mouth. But I don’t think he knows how.

His approval rating stands at 36-38 percent, so if you like our president you are in the minority to support anyone who acts like this.

It is indeed sad, so sad.

Dennis Gjerseth, Humbird