Is 4-year-old with a gun a good idea? Wisconsin’s Republican leaders think so. They just sucked up (again) to the National Rifle Association and the gun industry by removing any age limit from hunting in this state.

Now, instead of a child having to be at least 10 years old, with an adult and one gun between them, the child can be of any age (presumably able to walk), with an adult, and each of them can carry a gun.

Supporters of this stupid law say parents, not the government, should determine when a child can hunt. Should parents determine when a child should drive? Or drink? Or have sex?

This government-is-the-problem philosophy that became popular while Ronald Regan was president is being pushed to absurd limits. Instead of acting like the out-of-control kids on Pleasure Island in Walt Disney’s "Pinocchio," it’s time we grew up and recognize the need for legitimate authority.

Against a background of 26 recently shot dead in Texas, 58 in Las Vegas, even five this week in California, Republicans are on a crusade to loosen gun laws.

There are pro-social, common-sense limits to every right, such as the prohibition against yelling “fire!” in a crowded theater being a reasonable limit on free speech. The Second Amendment needs similar guards against such deadly license. President Donald Trump, Gov. Scott Walker and the gun lobby are right to say these mass shootings are a mental-health issue. They're the problem.

Don Foy, La Farge