Thanks for the insulting opinion from Harvey Wasserman (Friday's Tribune), self-proclaimed Packer shareholder from California.

Harvey, I think you should buy a ticket and bring your soap box to Lambeau Field -- if you can find one.

There, amid the knuckle-dragging tailgaters, you can pontificate your shrewd gridiron analysis.

Let us know when you're coming, Harvey. We'll find a safe zone with beer and brats so you can chill off any negative vibes from the armed police protection at the game.

I think in honor of Colin Kaepernick and Harvey on Veterans Day weekend, every NFL game should have ready a police officer disabled in the line of duty, a soldier wounded in battle, a veteran from every conflict possible to stand in front of each player kneeling while the national anthem is played.

Let's remind these protesters who paid for their salaries, bled for their freedom and why the national anthem deserves respect and is to be treated with dignity.

Hey, million-dollar baby, do a national brand commercial for chips or smartphones and pimp the product as you tell me how much you hate what America stands for. That should play big in San Francisco. As for me, I'll brush the cheese curds off my beer gut and wipe the mustard from my face with my sleeve when I stand, remove my old ratty Packer hat, put my hand over my heart, and sing along with the national anthem so loud the neighbor's dog howls.

Douglas Olson, La Crosse