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If your car mechanic poured salt into your fuel tank, would you return for advice?

Many patients demand synthetic chemicals to mask pain and then wonder why they don’t genuinely heal. The Bible notes that in the last days, “repented not of their sorceries” (same root word for pharmacy).

While pregnant in 1992, I had an allergic reaction to Penicillin. I can’t help but wonder if that episode links to my son’s specialness (celiac, casein allergic, colic). We try herbs, vitamins, minerals and nutritional remedies. If faced with chronic pain, I’d move to Colorado.

I know a bi-polar woman who, after her first suicide attempt, has acted as the guinea pig for the drug pushers 55 years. If the medical devils had any healing powers, you’d think they’d cure her by now.

Heart-wrenching, I find it particularly ironic when a troubled person intentionally overdoses on drugs for suicide. Rather than admit any wrongdoing related to the hallucinogenic, addictive poisons, the allopathic industry will conclude, “See, we knew she suffered depression.” Wow, seriously?

I have relatives who have lost their dignity, jobs, money, kids, marriage, mind and life due to prescriptions.

Yet I’m the “kook” who doesn’t vaccinate, refuses any type of prescription, won’t sign up for socialist health insurance and dares to call prescriptions the “gateway drugs.”

I’m extremely grateful for my head-to-toe hives that prompted me to leave the herd.

I’d encourage you to pray, read and make informed choices for you and your own children.

Elizabeth Swift, La Crosse