How wonderful that Wisconsin toddlers can now hunt with guns.

They need at least .460 Weatherby Magnums, in case they encounter hippos, the animals that kill the most humans.

I have seen few hippos in 33 years here, but hippos love water and may well hide in cranberry bogs, no doubt having adapted to our winters.

Maybe they hibernate in frozen mud and emerge in the spring. Surely hippos can do the same as frogs. Besides, recoil of a .460 Weatherby Magnum can stop a runaway pickup if the brakes fail, or help get it unstuck from bog mud.

Middle school kids can graduate to the .700 Nitro Express. Elephants might be rampaging in herds after escaping the Circus World Museum.

People from backward states with no hippos and elephants still must control animals frequently escaping zoos, as well as herds of moose and bison, along with bears, especially giant polar-grizzly hybrids as the climate warms.

We should be proud and grateful that Wisconsin's leaders took this important step instead of frittering away time and taxes on such frippery as public transportation, health care, drunk driving, fair elections, education and individual rights and equality.

Henry Thibault, La Crosse