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It’s an election year and Scott Walker has suddenly acquired a concern for education, health care, roads, workers and our environment.

These are concerns he hasn’t had for seven years and, if reelected, won’t have for four more years. When it comes to Walker, believe what he has done, not what he says.

Walker cut a cumulative total of $8 billion from education and gave it to corporations and special interests while he transferred increasing amounts of school dollars to subsidize rich people with vouchers. Now he funds $.7 billion and claims to be an education governor.

From day one, Walker has opposed the Affordable Care Act, limiting coverage, and rejecting federal health care money, costing Wisconsin taxpayers as much as $1.07 billion; despite studies showing it could result in the deaths of many of our fellow Wisconsinites. Now, Walker suddenly wants to stabilize the health care market using a Democratic bill and calling it his.

Walker has followed the same phony pattern for roads, the environment, jobs and local control. His actions were one thing and his words now are another.

Wisconsin needs Sen. Kathleen Vinehout as governor. We need a governor who puts people first, understands the problems of both urban and rural residents and has solutions to those problems.

More importantly, we need a governor who knows how to accomplish the solutions, the critical people to work with in Madison to do it, and has established relationships and trust with those critical people. She’s the candidate with these qualities.

J.D. Wine, Onalaska