Charles Manson is an infamous figure from the late 1960s. Lawyer and author of “Helter Skelter,” Vincent Bugliosi, theorized Manson’s objective was an “apocalyptic race war” pitting African-Americans against Caucasians.

Where Manson failed, today’s mainstream media might succeed. President Donald Trump is the primary target of mainstream media venom. You cannot view MSNBC or CNN cable news without being inundated with media sound bites painting the president as a racist or hater of immigrants and people of color.

Upon Trump’s election, CNN political commentator Van Jones remarked the election was a “whitelash against a changing country;” insinuating Caucasian voters were racists. Networks MSNBC and CNN are blatant in their daily message; networks CBS, NBC and ABC are not as direct but just as unrelenting.

To the casual newsreader, the effect is propaganda. Mainstream media routinely leave out facts and base the story on opinion. These propaganda messages promote the labeling of anyone with a different thought as haters, racists or bigots; creating groups such as Freedom’s Watch, Antifa (Anti-Facist) and Black Lives Matter.

Throughout the summer these groups interacted violently with each other; too many times where riot police were ordered to stand down, allowing the violence to play out. I’d bet most of the marchers in these groups could not define hate or racist -- terms so casually used these days with so powerful an actual meaning.

A race war coming. Manson couldn’t reach as many people as the mainstream media.

John Cantlon, Ettrick