When our current governor took office, he said, “Wisconsin is open for business.” What he truthfully should have said is “Wisconsin is open for looting and environmental destruction."

Gov. Scott Walker is so desperate to claim that he created jobs, he has agreed to hand $3 billion of taxpayer money to Foxconn. This amounts to $500,000 per job if 13,000 jobs materialize. Does paying $500,000 for a job sound right to you?

Hourly Foxconn assembly workers in the United States currently average $9.08 per hour. Waiving wetland and water protections and the requirement to do an environmental impact study is also part of the deal. It is known that Foxconn has a terrible environmental record in other countries.

Republicans controlling the Legislature are circulating legislation to weaken wetland, air and water environmental regulations across the board. Of course, other businesses are going to demand the same environmental pass that Foxconn is being handed. We would have to be dumb and blind not to see this coming.

Theodore Roosevelt once said, “The nation behaves well when it treats the natural resources as assets which it must turn over to the next generation, increased and not impaired in value.”

Just let me say this to Gov. Walker and the Republicans who control state government: “You are behaving very badly.”

John Mitchell, Humbird