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Imagine when you were a child and got your first bicycle.

Suddenly, the entire world opened up. You were no longer limited by your front lawn, you could go anywhere, see anything, do everything.

You loved that bike, cherished it. You played outdoors, stress-free, without worry.

Then somewhere along the way, you bought a car. You started sitting in a metal container going 50 mph instead of pedaling around town.

You no longer smelled fresh air as you went from place to place.

You became less active, less playful, spent more time indoors. You grew up. You left that childhood bliss in favor of "the real world."

What if you could get some of that youthfulness back? I believe we can interrupt the cycle of office-job monotony by simply riding our bikes more.

In today's society, bicycles are largely seen as children's toys.

When we grow up, we abandon most of our childhood toys. As teenagers, we are pressured to get a job, buy a car, become adults.

I don't think growing up is as great as it seems. We are taught to focus on work first, leisure second.

A society that devalues play is an unhappy one. Recreation shouldn't become less important as we grow older.

By replacing short car trips with bike rides, you could recreate more and reconnect with your inner kid that just wants to ride their bike.

It's possible to add some fun to your life just by choosing your bike over your car.

Joseph Rudisill, La Crosse