At a time when it seems like Republicans and Democrats can't agree on anything, 52 bold members of the U.S. House of Representatives (26 from each party) have come together to discuss one of the greatest threats facing our planet -- the climate crisis.

These 52 representatives are members of the House's bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus, founded in February 2016.

Started by two Florida congressmen, the caucus now includes members from 21 states. The purpose of the caucus is "to educate members on economically-viable options to reduce climate risk and protect our nation’s economy, security, infrastructure, agriculture, water supply and public safety." Representatives must join in pairs -- one Democrat, one Republican -- to keep the number of members from each party equal. To date, only one Wisconsin representative has joined the Climate Solutions Caucus -- newly elected Republican Congressman Mike Gallagher from 8th District, which includes Green Bay and Appleton.

These caucus members are stepping back from the toxic partisan bickering so common in Congress and engaging in constructive dialogue to find common ground and seek solutions to our most pressing problems. If you would like to see our 3rd Congressional District representative participate in this bipartisan effort, contact Congressman Ron Kind and ask him to join the Climate Solutions Caucus.

Kathy Allen, La Crosse