A great deal of misinformation about last weekend's clash in Berkeley is already being promoted by Fox News and the Washington Post, but the right-wing rally was not merely a "Trump supporter" rally.

It was organized by members of the alt-right and other white supremacists. Two of the organizers in particular, Kyle Chapman and Joey Gibson, need to be highlighted.

Kyle Chapman is a hero of the alt-right, nicknamed "stickman" because he was one of the first to adopt violence at protests, in the form of a stick that he hit people with.

Joey Gibson lives in Portland, Oregon, where he routinely organizes Westboro Baptist Church-style protests of the Pride Festival, harasses women and Muslims, and organizes rallies where open white supremacists and neo-Nazis are welcome, including one attended by the man who killed two people who stopped him from attacking two women of color on a Portland train.

The event that these men were trying to have in Berkeley was nothing less than a white nationalist rally, and the people of that city were right to block it from occurring.

It was not merely a "Trump supporter" rally as the right-wing media is trying to claim. Despite my personal disagreements with Trump supporters, I and most other anti-racist activists understand that the vast majority of Trump supporters and Republicans are not white supremacists or neo-Nazis, and I encourage everyone who considers themselves to be a conservative to stay vigilant against neo-Nazi infiltration and white nationalist radicalization.

Kevin Hundt, La Crosse