I have never written a letter to a newspaper, but I felt compelled to do so after reading the article (Oct. 3 Tribune) describing the two young people involved in an alcohol-fueled mistake over Oktoberfest weekend — a weekend where alcohol consumption is one of the main focuses of the event.

What was the purpose of reporting this, along with their photographs to the general public?

Public humiliation is the first thing that comes to mind. Did anyone stop to consider the long-term ramifications your reporting would have on these two young lives? The effects it would have on their personal, as well as future professional lives?

Living in a college town, we strive to educate and grow young minds. This reporting does neither of those things.

Young people make mistakes, we all did. We all did not, however, have them reported in print to thousands of people and displayed to countless others on the internet.

This was, in my opinion, a huge misstep on the part of your paper. I'm sure their lives have been impacted enough by the incident. They did not need the general public reading all the details.

Young people need our guidance, they always have and they always will. This was not guidance. This was humiliation.

Kristen Jeffries, La Crosse