Whether you believe in global warming or don’t, there is one aspect that can’t be argued. Severe weather events are on the increase. It is also clear that the oceans are warming and rising regardless of the cause. Drought is an ever-growing problem, as well.

Since we know these things, what must we do to mitigate the effect on people and property? We know that in some cases seawalls would help. Likewise claiming back some of the wetlands seems reasonable. Couldn’t we stop development in the flood plains?

And what about requiring corporations who build in vulnerable places, like the shorelines, to self-insure?

Where is the high-profile group that is setting national priorities; what about state priorities? And we must look at funding. When disasters happen, we have often responded with borrowed money.

At some point, we must look at the facts, get proactive and find a way to pay the cost rather than loading it on our children. It's time; it's past time.

Larry Ballwahn, Wilton