It appears the three-person Shelby Board and the city of La Crosse have total control over the boundary agreement.

Shelby citizen recommendations were made to select representatives from five separate Shelby districts to govern the town of Shelby.

Shelby Town Chairman Tim Candahl went on record to say a three-person board was easier for him to control.

Thinking back, I've been wondering about our current Shelby Town Board.

What if?:

1. What would have happened if Chairman Candahl had listened to our citizen request for a five-person board?

2. What if Candahl had not lost the petition that so many Shelby residents signed to stop this process until there was more public input?

3. What if the three-person Town Board had given more consideration to the six-person Shelby Planning Committee rejection of City/Shelby plan? The committee was overridden by the three-person Town Board.

4. What if Candahl had fulfilled his word that there would be more open meetings after the Dec. 1, 2016, meeting?

5. What if a referendum was still possible?

6. What if the past town administrator openly admitted being paid a consulting fee of thousands of dollars by Shelby?

7. What if the potential for a future conflict of interest arose with a Shelby Board member (Tim Padesky) and County Board chairperson (Tara Johnson)?

8. What if Candahl made promises in an open meeting to provide information, but only partially filled them?

9. What if I still had control over my own land like I thought I did?

10. What if there still was a government for the people?!

Larry Quillin, Town of Shelby