The Vernon County Board of Supervisors is considering a resolution in support of nonpartisan redistricting in Wisconsin.

Twenty-four other counties around the state have already taken a stand to improve the way Wisconsin draws its voting maps.

The fair maps movement is gaining momentum from the gerrymandering case, Whitford v. Gill, which the U.S. Supreme Court will hear in October. That case will determine whether Wisconsin’s current voting maps are unconstitutional and create a standard to measure this by.

Unfortunately, the outcome of Whitford will not change the contentious process by which Wisconsin draws its maps.

If we do not adopt a nonpartisan process before district boundaries are updated after the 2020 federal census, the Wisconsin Legislature — no matter which party controls it — will retain the power to create voting maps that ensure their party’s advantage for the next 10 years.

In a democracy, voters should choose their lawmakers, not vice versa. Representatives elected by the people of Vernon County have a duty to ensure that every candidate has an even playing field when running for office and every person has an equal say in our democracy — regardless of political party.

The time has come for an impartial, transparent process for redistricting in Wisconsin. A new, nonpartisan model has already been introduced in Senate Bill 13 and Assembly Bill 44, but has yet to be given a public hearing.

This county board resolution sends an important message to Madison — that Vernon County cares about fair elections and we want fair maps.

Leslie Wegener, Stoddard