I agree with the online commentator that the "Hatched Baby" sculpture that will find a home outside La Crosse City Hall is "just plain hideous" and an eyesore.

Thank goodness it's only on temporary loan.

Sorry, La Crosse Arts Board, but this baby won't be put to bed until it's sent back to where it came from. And, no, it's not a win-win for everybody, whether you like it or not. Perhaps City Hall ought to get out of the business of public art.

What kind of gesture was this from our sister city and the con artist who hatched it? It's the very definition of a white elephant, an undesirable and useless gift that one feels obliged to display so as not to offend. No wonder they shipped it off to us.

They're the ones who ought to be ashamed, not us for not putting it somewhere. I'd like to see what they do with it once it's returned to them. Oh happy day. Meanwhile, crate it and put it back in storage where it belongs. The point of this "art" is not to be seen at all.

Mark Millich, La Crosse