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On April 3, the voters of Wisconsin will decide the composition of the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

It is critical that Supreme Court justices uphold the United States and Wisconsin Constitutions and not legislate from the bench.

Supreme Court justices in Wisconsin are continuing to determine the legality of many of the reforms that Gov. Scott Walker has signed into law. Under Gov. Walker’s leadership, Wisconsin has become a “Top 10” state in many categories.

Sauk County Circuit Court Judge Michael Screnock is the best candidate to elect on April 3. He has stated several times that his sole priority will be to uphold the current laws and never to legislate from the bench. His opponent is a judicial activist with liberal positions on issues that may come before her on the bench.

Judge Screnock worked for a Madison law firm for several years where he had the opportunity to practice before the Wisconsin Court of Appeals and Wisconsin Supreme Court.

In 2015, Gov. Walker appointed him to fill a vacancy in the Sauk County Circuit Court. He was re-elected for a six-year term in 2016. The credentials listed above identify Judge Screnock as a more then qualified candidate for the Wisconsin Supreme court.

Vote for and help elect Judge Michael Screnock to the Wisconsin Supreme Court to ensure that Wisconsin continues to move forward.

Matthew Hoffland, Sparta