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Remarks by Tom Barrett and Jennifer Duffy (Sunday Tribune) about not having a strong Democratic candidate for governor showcases the kind of limited thinking that the Wisconsin Democratic Party has bought into over and over in the past few years: ”It’s all about the money.”

The truth is that there is no way that any Democratic candidate can outspend the deep Republican pockets of the Koch brothers. It has to be done another way. And that is with a people-powered campaign.

That is how winning happened in the 10th District in January when Democrat Patty Schachtner won against her highly financed Republican opponent. It can only happen when people believe deeply in a candidate's message and integrity which spurs them to become active participants in the campaign in all kinds of ways; from sharing with neighbors to standing on street corners with homemade signs, etc.

That is happening with Mike McCabe's gubernatorial campaign. It is people powered and crowd funded and is spreading throughout Wisconsin below the radar of political pundits.

Nancy Heerens-Knudson, La Crosse