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More armed guards in school? Guns for teachers? Turning our schools into armed prison-like encampments wasn’t what our forefathers had in mind when they crafted the Second Amendment.

They assumed it was in large part to oppose foreign and domestic tyranny. If they could only see us now.

We have failed our children on this issue, and collectively as a nation we should be ashamed of ourselves if the best we can do is further arm people and turn our schools into virtual prisons. Where’s the hope?

My wife, Linda, and I are anticipating the birth of another grandchild any day, and our hope and prayer for him or her is that we will return to a nation that can solve its problems in a democratic society in the way it was intended.

These school shootings and the proliferation of guns and violence all across America? This is not a discussion of the Second Amendment. This is insanity.

Pat Kerrigan, La Crescent