I am writing in response to the two articles (Tribune Oct. 3 and 4) reporting a couple having sex at 3 a.m. and arrested by police.

I witnessed these actions and the police officers trying to do their jobs. Earlier, I had observed other criminal activity in my neighborhood and called police. On investigation, police also noticed the activity going on in this bouncing car parked in front of my house, under the streetlight.

The officers were completely in line and gentlemenly, doing their job. The young man, on the other hand, was out of control, non-stop, for about 45 minutes, bad mouthing, using vulgar, profane language showing no respect for authority. He had no remorse for his actions. I cannot stress the amount of verbal abuse the officers had to endure from this young man, among other details I will not disclose. This took almost two hours to wrap up.

In the meantime, the officers had to abort the real reason they were in my neighborhood. That’s the real crime here.

Secondly, I object to the slap in the face the officers got from the district attorney’s office when it dropped all charges. Not even a ticket? What message does this send to our younger generation?

Respect for authority needs to be reinforced. La Crosse police are protecting us from the darker side of society day and night. I want to thank them all and let them know I appreciate all they do.

As for the young man, he needs to apologize for the way he treated those officers and maybe even me. I originally thought nothing of the bouncing car, “kids” in front of my house, but after witnessing the actions of this young man toward the officers, it’s just wrong.

Pat Kessler, La Crosse