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Why are we talking about arming teachers to resolve the problem of school shootings?

Guns in this country is an argument to be decided in its own time. I am a retired teacher, and arming teachers is an outrageous answer to the problem.

If the NRA or government wants a compromise for the anger in this country they need to consider the following:

  • Purchase metal detectors for the main entrance of every school.
  • Purchase cameras for every exit door (inside and out) of the school building.
  • Purchase buzzers for every exit door that will buzz when someone leaves the building (or holds the door open).
  • Hire security guards to watch the cameras the entire time the school is open.
  • Hire security guards who will handle any situation when it arises.
  • Make sure the security guards are professionally trained.

This would be a beginning. We are not living on a movie set where a teacher with a few hours of training will be able to do what a police officer or veteran could do after a career of training.

If a teacher were armed, they probably would use the gun to save the children in their vicinity. They probably would not hunt down the shooter in the building.

Rebecca Krieger, Bangor