I am encouraged by the progress I’ve seen at the Tomah VA.

Things aren’t perfect. There are still workers in key leadership positions that were either put in place by Dr. Houlihan or were supposed to provide oversight of Dr. Houlihan, but things are moving in the right direction on behalf of veterans.

Politically, there were three offices that initially made mistakes in the whole affair, two of whom have done much to address the root accountability issues; Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., who led the Tomah investigation into what really happened and introduced the Chris Kirkpatrick legislation, and Rep. Ron Kind, D-La Crosse, who championed that legislation among Democrats with Congressman Duffy in the House.

I endorsed both of them. If Sen. Baldwin publicly apologizes to Marquette Baylor for firing her, then I would endorse her as well.

Marquette is an honorable woman who I initially thought was lying to me. The Senate ethics investigation into Sen. Baldwin proves otherwise in Marquette’s memos pleading to Sen. Baldwin’s chief of staff that he get Sen. Baldwin to do something. As the Tomah VA moves in the right direction and two of the three offices have made good on their failures, it is time that Sen. Baldwin does the right thing in publicly apologizing to a good person who never lied to me but had her reputation tarnished because she did the right thing.

Ryan Honl, Tomah