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Why do so many people hate first lady Melania Trump?I like her. She has traditional values, she’s a protective mother, and everything she says is positive and encouraging. Yet late-night host Jimmy Kimmel maliciously mocks her accent. It’s true English is not her first language — it’s her fifth.

There were numerous magazine covers featuring first ladies Michelle Obama and Hilary Clinton, but I have yet to see one featuring Melania Trump. Is it because these magazines are really partisan political propaganda rather than representing women’s interests?

Is it because Melania Trump professes to be a Catholic? A Catholic, a Protestant and a Jew walk into Mar-A-Lago — that’s not the beginning of a joke, it’s just a Trump family gathering. They are the embodiment of ecumenism, yet many liberal Christians who espouse ecumenism despise them.

Is it because Melania Trump is beautiful? Is it because she is smart? Is it because these people just hate Donald Trump so much that is just boils over and touches everything connected with the president?

I’m glad Melania Trump is our first lady. She does an excellent job.

Stephen McGovern, La Crosse