In regards to an editorial in the Capital Times regarding a movement in the Legislature regarding women's access to health care, I am writing in hopes of encouraging all the thinking citizens of Wisconsin to not blandly accept these attempts to reduce women's health options. This affects all Wisconsin families.

In these times of more opportunity to make our mark on the world than ever before, and to "be all we can be," it seems that proud women only terrify "conservative" men, we threaten the very bedrock upon which they have built their world. Barefoot and pregnant is their rallying cry.

Excuse me?

Our marriage is a marriage of two strong people. The success of our small business sits on the opposite bedrock from the quailing "cons." We both give it our all, our ideas, our muscles and our dedication. There is no better way.

To suggest we women are lesser humans is a caveman cartoon vision of the world. You can bet your bottom dollar that cave people worked together all the time or we-all would not be here today.

We don't need a women's revolution, for I am sick of wars and demonstrations -- the drama of the day.

I suggest that every woman in her own sphere refuse to let these twisted men take ownership of our rights to health and prenatal care, which they have twisted as only abortions -- and they're not.

Six-hundred Texas women have died from health-care restrictions. Wisconsin can do better.

Please contact your representatives in Madison.

Susan McCurdy, La Crosse