The Republican Party has been famous for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

The stunning victory of President Donald Trump changed that narrative, and has given the Republican Party another chance. Trump has assembled a cabinet and staff members who have always been able to get things done and are doing so now.

But sadly we seem to have a Congress that either can’t or won’t move the ball forward.

The American people have given the Republicans control of our government — in the presidency and in both houses of Congress. Nor is the problem a lack of good ideas. It’s that our Republican Congress cannot reach consensus. If this continues, our country could lose a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to right the ship of state.

Democrats, with their predominantly bad ideas, have no such problem. When their leadership says “jump,” they simply ask “when” and “how high.” At this juncture, the Democrats in Congress have adopted an obstructionist posture. They have no policy agenda of their own. and they fear, as they should, that Trump’s agenda will be successful, and that it will actually improve the lot of the average citizen, a position in which the Democrats seem to have no interest. They see their only hope as sabotaging the Trump agenda, and thus the will of the people.

So that’s our dilemma, America. Republicans can’t get on the same page, while Democrats always get on the same page, but it’s always the wrong page.

Is it any wonder so many Americans are disgusted with both parties?

T. Larry Mell, La Crosse