On Aug. 22, at a political rally in Phoenix, President Donald Trump said, "Look at that. CNN Is turning off their cameras because they're afraid to show what I'm saying. Look at that." Later, it was obvious that CNN hadn't done that. Did anybody attending the rally learn that so they'd know Trump was lying to them?

Also at the rally, Trump said, "They say I'm a racist. I'm not a racist." The next Friday evening, Trump made an announcement about former Phoenix-area Sheriff Joe Arpaio: "I have pardoned this man because he's a good patriot."

Sheriff Joe had just been found guilty of defying a court order to stop racially profiling Latino people. And, Sheriff Joe often confined these people for days in hot tents outside the jail instead of in the jail, before they had even been charged with anything. If the president sees this as "a good patriot," then he needs to study the law a lot more, and he is a racist.

And then there was Trump's statement that, "We must be one country. We must respect and take care of each other, regardless of race, color or creed," followed by, "These" (news reporters) "are really, really dishonest people ... and they're bad people ... I really believe that."

Add Trump's remarks and actions regarding Muslims, Mexican "rapists and drug dealers," John McCain being a loser, fat women being gross, his imitation of that handicapped reporter, and on and on. Respect for others, Mr. President?

America's problem isn't fake news, folks. Our problem is that we have a fake president.

Terry Schmeckpeper, Onalaska