By now most Americans have heard of the ultra-destructive wildfires raging in southern California. An extended drought and now several days of winds at 50 to 80 mph are making those horrible fires spread uncontrollably.

So now, a pop quiz is in order: "These current wildfires are probably caused by: A. Climate change, which helped create the drought and the on-going winds; B. Hillary Clinton, who sold 20 percent of southern California's rain to Russia; C. The fires are fake news. They don't exist, just like the Newtown shooting massacre never really happened. They're just being staged by liberals to promote the fake news of global warming." End of quiz.

Many are probably thinking, "C'mon, man. Jokes about those fires aren't funny." No, they're not. And neither is the fact that we live in a country where some people have a mentality that will allow them to accept and promote answers "B" and "C." They've done it over and over. The current president of the United States disputes what over 90 percent of the world's climate scientists agree on, that global warming is happening.

Apparently, people's acceptance of scientific research — and of what is true and what isn't regarding many issues — is now based on their political party membership.

How did we get into this?

Terry Schmeckpeper, Onalaska