Our home is under yet another major environmental threat.

A huge cattle feedlot operation is being enlarged just east of Monona, Iowa, adjacent to U.S. Hwy. 18.

This factory farm will be constructed on 48 acres, will house 10,000 head of cattle at one time, 20,000 per year, will house a lagoon of 39 million gallons of manure, will have two 620-foot-deep wells pumping 22 million gallons of water out of our precious aquifer, annually.

This massive feedlot will be built in the watershed of our beautiful cold-water trout stream of Bloody Run.

The air pollution could be unfathomable. Huge manure lagoons have a history of spills. There are many sinkholes in this watershed, which are direct conduits to our aquifer.

Iowa is loaded with cheap corn so corporate agriculture runs this abundant grain through confined hogs and cattle.

As Americans’ health declines and morbid obesity rates skyrocket and our water and air in rural America is polluted, we must do two things. One, tell our leaders enough factory farms and secondly, change our own diets to a more local organic plant-based foods. These types of facilities also reflect a national cultural ethos of greed.

Timothy Mason, McGregor, Iowa