The Onalaska School District is one of the top school districts in Wisconsin and in the nation.

Recently, the Onalaska High School was recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as a Blue-Ribbon School for its continued excellence in student achievement. OHS was one of only nine schools in Wisconsin to be selected as a Blue-Ribbon School.

As a past school board president for several years, I learned that a strong school board is one whose members look at issues objectively and doesn’t always agree.

Through open and honest discussion, a good board will come to a consensus through open discussion by all members. This currently isn’t happening with the Onalaska school board because one member, Jake Speed, has been disrespectful and belligerent at school board meetings by persistently talking over other board members, raising his voice and becoming combative.

He has threatened individual board members and the entire board. He also refused to attend six of seven closed session meetings.

You can learn of other transgressions by Speed by visiting the website – Recall Jake Speed.

We are currently obtaining 2,000 signatures on a recall petition and need your help as we must obtain signatures before Oct. 3.

All Onalaska School District residents are eligible to sign this petition and are strongly encouraged to stop at Active Chiropractic Clinic, 419 Sand Lake Road, to sign the document.

I urge you to help continue Onalaska’s proud tradition of excellence in education.

Tom Kennedy, Onalaska