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In a recent letter to the editor (Sunday Tribune), an educator argued that the voucher program was “unfair."

Vouchers and school choice have been validated by research as a good thing for the public and the students. This is not the issue we should be discussing.

The primary reason education exists is to effectively, efficiently, consistently, affordably and relevantly advance student success, performance improvement outcomes for all students. We are doing a poor job here.

The education gap is no small inexpensive problem. Competition is good. Monopolies are bad. One size doesn’t fit all. Choice is a good thing for students and the public. Eliminating vouchers and eliminating school choice will not advance student success for all students.

What’s really not fair is the lack of relevant success for all students. It's not fair that society must fund a flawed incumbent, unchanging education system and also must fund the consequences of the education gap that are directly created by a flawed education system.

The solution, to retain students and student funding revenues, is to fix the reason why folks leave one school for another. Improve. Make yourself invaluable. Eliminating choice simply to retain students and revenues without addressing the core problem of why they are leaving is the wrong solution, that if implemented, won’t fix the original problem.

We need less of this myopic, single-issue thinking, not more.

Tom McDonald, La Crosse