Kevin Schaller (Oct. 16 Tribune) finds it ironic that a letter in support of the Coulee Council on Addictions and my guest column (Oct. 11 Tribune) were published on the same page. 

I wrote concerning the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration and Viterbo giving a platform to dissident speakers who eagerly express views in direct opposition to teachings of the Catholic Church.

No one disputes the fact that over the years the FSPAs have done good, charitable work as all Catholics are expected to do. But that does not justify sponsoring dissident speakers at their Spiritually Center or for Viterbo to do the same.

The real danger is that non-Catholics and Catholics without proper catechesis will come to believe that heresy is acceptable for practicing Catholics. Proper guidance can be found in the official catechism of the church.

The rest of Schaller’s letter is not worthy of a response.

Although it is disheartening when someone leaves the church, that action is preferable to “Catholics In Name Only” who spread error and confusion while pretending to be Catholics in good standing. It can only be hoped that they will return to the truth, joy, beauty and peace that is the Catholic faith.

I believe that the FSPAs and those at Viterbo responsible for giving dissident speakers a platform to oppose church teachings have an obligation to issue a public apology and a stated firm resolve not to repeat their error.

Vernal Hegenbart, Sparta