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With the upcoming gubernatorial election and the crowded field of candidates, Democrats have been left with a rather tough choice.

Do we stick with the usual, establishment Democrat who seems to reflect our Wisconsin values less and less each year, or do we find an outsider? As for me, I desperately want to vote blue, but not for another Democrat who relies on Milwaukee and Madison to give them a win.

But I found my candidate, or at least he found me. By an act of providence, I happened to meet him at one of my favorite coffee shops. A man clad in blue jeans with his slogan, “Principle over Party.” My candidate, Mike McCabe.

Mike, the only candidate born and raised on a farm, knows that Wisconsin is failing, and he’s willing to stand up for what he believes in, even against the Democratic party.

He stands up to big-money candidates by refusing to take any donation over $200 for his campaign, something no other candidate has done.

He’s pledged to not take the governor’s salary once in office, but rather take a salary a one dollar less than the average Wisconsin worker.

He isn’t just another Democrat.

He isn’t just another candidate.

He’s Mike McCabe, and he’s running for Wisconsin.

Wyatt Molling, West Salem