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In the April 14 Faith section, the lead column by Vince Hatt praised the interfaith group "LISSN" for seeking to ban a former FBI agent from voicing his concerns regarding Muslims in our country.

Reading between the lines of this article, it's apparent that those strident advocates of political correctness mentioned in the article only tolerate free speech that's in accord with their preconceived views.

If Hatt's friends believe that John Guandolo is mistaken or, as the advocates of political correctness would label, an Islamaphobe, why don't they challenge him to a debate? Instead, they chose censorship -- a clear violation of the 1st Amendment.

Hatt wrote of hate crimes and verbal abuse directed at Muslims ignoring assaults against Christians, Jews and other faiths, such as Bai-Hai, occurring in societies where Islam dominates.

If Hatt and his fellow utopians would read the later writings in the Quaran, he'd understand why there's Islamaphobia.

Ron Haag, La Crosse


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Poor Mr Haag couldn't vent his hate toward his fellow humans and he is mad about it. These fascists that demand their hate rallies be held at public places have no place for a civil society. He claims to have read the Quaran. Reading and understanding are two different things. With Free speech comes responsibilities too, one of which is not to endanger the public or create a disturbance (violence). Even the insurance companies can see the harm in such crazy hate rallies, and refused to cover the event. I suggest Ron should throw away his white hooded sheets and do some good in the world. And if he needs some ideas on how to do good, maybe he could read the bible.

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