Swimmers claim 14 firsts at Galesville

2012-07-18T22:48:00Z Swimmers claim 14 firsts at Galesville La Crosse Tribune
July 18, 2012 10:48 pm

The Tomah Torpedoes Summer Swim Team traveled to Galesville on Saturday, July 14 for the second meet of the season.

Teams from Trempealeau, Blair, Holmen, Arcadia and West Salem, along with host Galesville, were in attendance. More than 150 swimmers competed in 70 events.

 "This was a really big meet for us,” Tomah coach Cathy Coffey said. “Some very competitive swimmers from around the region were here today, and Tomah did quite well - bringing home 14 first- place finishes."

Hannah Wilcox-Borg took top honors in the butterfly; Anthony Lord was first in the butterfly and individual medley; his brother Evan Lord also was first in the IM for his age group. Evan Lord joined Jake Bauer to win the freestyle relay.

Bauer dominated three out of four of his events, handily winning the freestyle and butterfly, along with the relay.

Hannah Zaehler won the backstroke and joined teammates Maddy Neve, Madeline Coffey and Samantha Coffey to win the freestyle relay.

The Torpedoes assistant coaches, Isaac Neve and Samantha Coffey, were kept very busy with a full Tomah team and were called upon to fill out relay teams, each swimming in the final event.

The Torpedoes compete again Thursday, July 26 in West Salem and will host the final meet of the season Saturday, Aug. 4 at 8:00 a.m. at the Tomah Aquatic Center. Admission is free to come and watch; concessions will be available.


8-under 120 medley relay boys: 3rd - Liam Strong, Alyssa Alden, Anthony Lord, Hannah Wilcox-Borg.

9-10 120 medley relay girls: 6th - Amanda Valest, Trynatie Maki, Abbey Zaehler, Taylor Hennessey.

9-10 120 medley relay boys: 3rd - Roland Hockstedler, Eric Wilcox-Borg, Layne Miller.

11-12 120 medley relay girls: 2nd - Allyson Amberg, Lily Stewart, Carly Martin, Leah Alden; 5th - Anika Larsen, Cassie Carney, Amanda Backhaus, Marcella Garcia.

11-12 120 medley relay boys: 2nd - Jake Bauer, Evan Lord.

13-14 120 medley relay girls: 4th - Hunter Eirschele, Teana Larson, Reilly Scheffling, Tinell Larson.

15-and-up 120 medley relay girls: 3rd - Madeline Coffey, Maddy Neve, Hannah Zaehler, Danielle Schultz.

8-under 30 freestyle girls: 21st - Alyssa Alden.

8-under 30 freestyle boys: 7th - Liam Strong.

9-10 30 freestyle girls: 6th - Stevie Peterson; 16th - Trynatie Maki; 17th - Amanda Valest; 19th - Taylor Hennessey; 30th - Abbey Zaehler.

9-10 30 freestyle boys: 5th - Eric Wilcox-Borg; 7th - Roland Hockstedler; 9th - Layne Miller.

11-12 60 freestyle girls: 8th - Carly Martin; 12th - Marcella Garcia; 13th - Amanda Backhaus; 19th - Hunter Eirschele; 37th - Tinell Larson.

11-12 60 freestyle boys: 1st - Jake Bauer; 7th - Evan Lord.

13-14 60 freestyle girls: 5th - Reilly Scheffling.

15 and up 60 freestyle girls: 4th - Maddy Neve; 5th - Danielle Schultz.

15-and-up 60 freestyle boys: 3rd Alex Valest

8-under 120 individual medley boys: 1st - Anthony Lord.

11-12 120 individual medley girls: 3rd - Leah Alden; 4th - Cassie Carney; 6th - Allyson Amberg.

11-12 120 individual medley boys: 1st - Evan Lord.

15-and-up 240 individual medley girls: 3rd - Madeline Coffey.

8-under 30 butterfly girls: 1st - Hannah Wilcox-Borg.

8-under 30 butterfly boys: 1st - Anthony Lord.

9-10 30 butterfly girls: 6th - Stevie Peterson.

9-10 30 butterfly boys: 3rd - Eric Wilcox-Borg.

11-12 60 butterfly girls: 2nd - Leah Alden; 3rd - Teana Larson; 4th - Carly Martin; 6th - Anika Larson; 11th - Hunter Eirschele.

11-12 60 butterfly boys: 1st - Jake Bauer.

15 and up 60 butterfly girls: 2nd - Hannah Zaehler; 3rd - Madeline Coffey.

8-under 30 backstroke girls: 7th - Hannah Wilcox-Borg; 13th - Allysa Alden.

8-under 30 backstroke boys: 6th - Liam Strong.

9-10 60 backstroke girls: 3rd - Taylor Hennessey; 4th - Trynatie Maki; 12th - Abbey Zaehler.

9-10 60 backstroke boys: 3rd - Roland Hockstedler.

11-12 60 backstroke girls: 7th - Lily Stewart; 11th - Tinell Larson.

15-and-up 60 backstroke girls: 1st - Hannah Zaehler; 4th - Danielle Schultz.

15-and-up 60 backstroke Boys: 1st - Alex Valest.

9-10 60 breaststroke girls: 28th - Amanda Valest.

9-10 60 breaststroke boys: 7th - Layne Miller.

11-12 60 breaststroke girls: 5th - Cassie Carney; 10th - Allyson Amberg; 15th - Amanda Backhaus; 20th - Anika Larson; 23rd - Teana Larson; 30th - Marcella Garcia.

13-14 60 breaststroke girls: 8th - Reilly Scheffling.

15-and-up 60 breaststroke girls: 4th - Maddy Neve.

15-and-up 60 breaststroke boys: 2nd - Alex Valest.

8-under 120 freestyle relay boys: 2nd - Liam Strong, Alyssa Alden, Anthony Lord, Hannah Wilcox-Borg.

9-10 120 freestyle relay girls: 7th - Amanda Valest, Abbey Zaehler, Taylor Hennessey, Trynatie Maki.

9-10 120 freestyle relay boys: 2nd - Layne Miller, Roland Hockstedler, Stevie Peterson, Eric Wilcox-Borg.

11-12 240 freestyle relay girls: 2nd - Allyson Amberg, Carly Martin, Cassie Carney, Leah Alden; 3rd - Lily Stewart, Teana Larson, Amanda Backhaus, Marcella Garcia; 10th - Hunter Eirschele, Tinell Larson, Anika Larson, Allyson Amberg.

11-12 240 freestyle relay boys: 1st - Jake Bauer, Evan Lord.

15-and-up 240 freestyle Relay girls: 1st - Madeline Coffey, Hannah Zaehler, Maddy Neve, Samm Coffey.

15-and-up 240 freestyle relay boys: 3rd - Isaac Neve, Alex Valest, Danielle Schultz, Reilly Scheffling.

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