Central/Logan gymnast Caelen Lansing switches hands during her uneven parallel bars routine this season.

NATE BEIER, Special to the Tribune


VAULT: Lauren Koss (G-E-T co-op) 9.1; Caelen Lansing (Central/Logan) 8.975; Lydia Korn (Viroqua co-op) 8.81; Ellie Tschumper (West Salem co-op) 8.8; Sydney Hammes (West Salem co-op) 8.75; Rachel Klink (Arcadia) 8.725; Gabby Geszvain (Central/Logan) 8.7; Lauren Koss (G-E-T co-op) 8.7; Kabryn Burns (Holmen) 8.65; Emma O’Flaherty (West Salem co-op) 8.6; Kayden Cramer (Viroqua co-op) 8.4; Hailee Zimmerman (Sparta) 8.4; Anna Gorski (West Salem co-op) 8.35; Shelby Thicke (West Salem co-op) 8.2; Gracey Mlsna (Viroqua co-op) 8.175; Chesny Fuller (Onalaska) 8.15; Katrina Koppa (Viroqua co-op) 8.15.

UNEVEN BARS: Ellie Tschumper (West Salem co-op) 9.525; Caelen Lansing (Central/Logan) 8.975; Lydia Korn (Viroqua co-op) 8.625; Kabryn Burns (Holmen) 8.525; Emma O’Flaherty (West Salem co-op) 8.425; Sophie White (G-E-T co-op) 8.35; Sydney Hammes (West Salem co-op) 8.325; Sydney Fitzpatrick (West Salem co-op) 8.325; Emma Truchan (Holmen) 8.3; Kayden Kramer (Viroqua co-op) 8.3; Anna Gorski (West Salem co-op) 8.25.

BALANCE BEAM: Kabryn Burns (Holmen) 9.125; Ellie Tschumper (West Salem co-op) 9.05; Maria Lyga (West Salem co-op) 9.0; Lydia Korn (Viroqua co-op) 8.875; Rachel Klink (Arcadia) 8.85; Emma O’Flaherty (West Salem co-op) 8.65; Anna Gorski (West Salem co-op) 8.6; Sydney Hammes (West Salem co-op) 8.6; Avery Torgerson (Holmen) 8.575; Sophie White (G-E-T co-op) 8.525; Caelen Lansing (Central/Logan) 8.5; Lauren Koss (G-E-T co-op) 8.2;

FLOOR EXERCISE: Ellie Tschumper (West Salem co-op) 9.625; Caelen Lansing (Central/Logan) 9.575; Sydney Hammes (West Salem co-op) 9.525; Sammie Chapman (Holmen) 9.325; Maria Lyga (West Salem co-op) 9.325; Kabryn Burns (Holmen) 9.3; Sydney Fitzpatrick (West Salem co-op) 9.275; Lydia Korn (Viroqua co-op) 9.25; Emma O’Flaherty (West Salem co-op) 9.2; Sophie White (G-E-T co-op) 9.1; Gabby Geszvain (Central/Logan) 9.05; Lauren Koss (G-E-T co-op) 9.0; Rachel Klink (Arcadia) 8.9; Chesny Fuller (Onalaska) 8.7; Anna Gorski (West Salem co-op) 8.7; Kayden Kramer (Viroqua co-op) 8.6; Meghann Reedy (West Salem co-op) 8.5; Gracey Mlsna (Viroqua co-op) 8.475; Tonia Acevedo-Knauer (Central/Logan) 8.45.

ALL-AROUND: Ellie Tschumper (West Salem co-op) 36.65; Caelen Lansing (Central/Logan) 35.75; Lydia Korn (Viroqua co-op) 35.4; Kabryn Burns (Holmen) 35.2; Sydney Hammes (West Salem co-op) 34.7; Emma O’Flaherty (West Salem co-op) 33.975; Sophie White (G-E-T co-op) 33.1; Lauren Koss (G-E-T co-op) 33.025; Avery Torgerson (Holmen) 32.65; Gabby Geszvain (Central/Logan) 32.475; Gracey Mlsna (Viroqua co-op) 30.325.

-- Todd Sommerfeldt


Assistant Sports Editor

Todd Sommerfeldt has covered sports for the La Crosse Tribune since 2003 after doing the same previously in the Fox Cities and Rock County.