A high-speed chase Sept. 1 in the town of Little Falls has resulted in a 44-year-old Melrose man facing charges of fleeing from police.

A Monroe County Sheriff’s Office deputy was on patrol when he observed a vehicle driven by Jason B. Romskog generate a cloud of dust and gravel while pulling from Barron’s Gentleman’s Club. The report says Romskog’s vehicle headed westbound on Highway 71 and reached speeds of 115 mph. The deputy activated his emergency lights and siren, but Romskog continued at a high rate of speed and crossed the centerline multiple times, according to the report.

The chase continued into Jackson County. The report says Romskog pulled over at the intersection of Highways 71 and 108, where a Jackson County Sheriff’s deputy had activated his emergency lights. Romskog told police he was speeding because the Monroe County deputy had his high beams activated and that he would have pulled over sooner had the deputy immediately turned on his emergency lights.

Romskog was referred to the Monroe County District Attorney for fleeing an officer. He was also issued citations for speeding (45 mph over), reckless driving and driving left of center.

In other Monroe County Sheriff’s Office news:

Ashley M. Small, 28, Warrens, was referred to the district attorney for physical abuse of a child.

Police were called to Tomah Memorial Hospital, where two children, ages 10 and 12, were being treated for multiple bruises that the children said were caused by “whoopings” administered by Small with a belt. The children indicated that the corporal punishment with the belt had occurred on multiple occasions.

The report says Small was shown photos of bruises and became very upset. She reportedly acknowledged causing the injuries and admitted that the punishment went too far, according to the report.

Justin Allen Passe, 32, Sparta, was referred to the district attorney for second-degree sexual assault and disorderly conduct after a Sept. 3 incident the town of Leon.

A woman told police that both she and Passe had returned to Leon Campground, where Passe consumed alcohol and accused of the woman of cheating on him. He allegedly grabbed her face and reached into her pants over her objections.

The woman said she attempted to push Passe away, but he grabbed her arm and leg and threw her off the bed and onto a couch before the assault stopped.

Passe was later arrested in Onalaska. He denied a physical altercation occurred or reaching down the woman’s pants.

Christopher C. Baumer, 32, Sparta, was referred to the district attorney for disorderly conduct, battery and bail jumping after a Sept. 2 incident in the town of Sparta.

Police were called to a Garland Road address on a report of a woman being threatened by a man with three outstanding warrants. The woman said Baumer punched her in the back and left bruises. The report said her injuries were confirmed by police. She also said the attack left her with neck pain which required chiropractic care.

Brian S. Kroener, 52, Tomah, was referred to the district attorney for bail jumping. He is accused of violating a bond condition that prohibits him from consuming alcohol. A preliminary breath test recorded a blood-alcohol count of .184.

Robert Allen Wiseman, 40, New Lisbon, was referred to the district attorney for violating driver’s license restrictions/drunk driving-related.

Police stopped a vehicle driven by Wiseman in Wyeville for a seat belt violation. Dispatch informed police that Wiseman’s driving restrictions included a functioning ignition interlock device and operating with no higher than a .02 blood-alcohol count. The report says the vehicle lacked an IID and that Wiseman’s blood-alcohol count measured .04.

He was referred for fifth offense operating a vehicle with a prohibited blood-alcohol level and failure to install an IID.

Allen Gene Stark, 59, Sparta, was referred to the district attorney for multiple charges after a Sept. 1 incident in the town of Angelo.

Police were dispatched to a Highway 21 residence, where a woman said Stark had been drinking and assaulted her. Stark has a bond condition that prohibits him from consuming alcohol. He registered a blood-alcohol count of .04.

The woman told police that Stark ripped a phone from her hand and caused bruises on her wrist after Stark believed she was calling police to report him for drinking. She also said that Stark pushed her into a door frame, which caused a bump on her head. A no-contact order was established before Stark was arrested and transported to the Monroe County Jail.

After Stark was booked, he allegedly made seven calls to the woman during a nine-minute period. He was referred for battery, disorderly conduct, violating a no-contact order and bail jumping.


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