A 29-year-old Tomah man was referred to the Monroe County District Attorney for second-degree sexual after an Aug. 2 incident in the town of Byron.

Cody Greyowl was arrested by Monroe County police after dispatch received a call that he was being driven to Tomah Memorial Hospital with stab wound in his neck. The report says police determined that the stab wound was to the back of Greyowl’s left shoulder and that the wound resulted in significant bleeding. He was also reportedly bleeding from the mouth and had a cut on this right thumb.

Greyowl, who was intoxicated according to the report, was unable to give police clear details on how the stabbing happened or who did it. He was later transported by ambulance to Gundersen Lutheran Hospital in La Crosse.

Police later made contact with a woman, who told police she stabbed Greyowl after she woke up as Greyowl was forcing sexual intercourse on her. She told police she then “lost it” and acknowledged punching him in the face and slamming him on a couch. She said Greyowl “was coming at me” when she stabbed him.

The woman was transported to a La Crosse hospital for a sexual assault examination.