The next Winnebago Wednesday at Winnebago Park is Science Day and will feature Tomah High School science teacher Oakley Moser and retired science teacher Larry Scheckel.

The program is Wednesday, July 26 and starts at 10 a.m. with a free box lunch served at 11 a.m. All children are welcome, and every attendee will receive a free rocket balloon.

This year’s Science Day is all-new presentation with demonstrations in the science of waves and sound, electricity, motion, air pressure, tornadoes and Newton’s Law of Motion. Children will witness the electric pickle, a large roaring lion, an organ pipe, the Van de Graph generator, a laser brain detector, Alka Selzer rocket and a calcium carbide cannon.

Winnebago Wednesdays are sponsored by The Parenting Place. For more information, contact Katrina Sletten at or 608-269-3151.