Turnout in Tomah exceeded expectations for Tuesday’s primary election.

The race for state Superintendent of Public Instruction drew 335 voters to the polls in the city of Tomah, which exceeded city clerk Jo Cram’s estimate of 200. It was the only race on the city of Tomah ballot.

Incumbent Tony Evers and challenger Lowell Holtz will advance to the general election. John Humphries finished third and was eliminated.

Evers won by landslide margins in most of the state, including the city of Tomah and Monroe County. Evers, a former administrator in the Tomah Area School District, won 77 percent in the city of Tomah. He won 70 percent in Monroe County and led in every municipality except the towns of the Byron and Glendale, which were won by Holtz.

Statewide, Evers won 70 percent of the vote compared to 23 percent for Holtz and seven percent for Humphries.

While Holtz lagged far behind in the vote count, he did pick up a pair of local legislative endorsements Monday. State Sen. Patrick Testin, R-Stevens Point, and state Rep. Ed Brooks, R-Reedsburg, were among a list of lawmakers who endorsed Holtz’s campaign. Testin said he was “leaning toward” Holtz during a Feb. 13 listening session in Tomah.

Evers, who has been endorsed by the state’s two largest teachers unions and school district administrators, is seeking a third four-year term.

The general election is Tuesday, April 4.


City of Tomah

Tony Evers (i);282

Lowell Holtz;40

John Humphries;14

Monroe County